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Corso di Laurea Triennale in Diagnostica e Materiali per la conservazione e il Restauro

Aim and Scope

The purpose of the Degree Course is the establishment of a professional able to perform scientific analysis focused to the knowing of properties of matters employed in cultural heritage, so as to ensure their preservation and conservation. In particular specialists from this Degree Course correspond to the Conservation Scientist already existing in many countries. This professional should be as important as other cultural heritage experts (e.g. art historians, architects, archaeologists, etc.); besides it could encourage the update of institutions like Cultural Heritage Departments and Archeological Museums to the European and global standards.
Therefore one of the main tasks of the Degree Course is to help students in developing a proper mental attitude by giving them both theoretical and practical knowledge since the first year of the Degree Course Program (e.g. experimental techniques performed on cultural heritage artifacts). For this reason the Degree Program is split in theoretical and laboratory courses: the first aimed at providing basic skills in chemistry, mathematics, physics, mineralogy, petrography, biology, the latter focused on experimental and data processing methodologies.

last update: 18-May-2020
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