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Corso di Laurea Triennale in Diagnostica e Materiali per la conservazione e il Restauro

Professional profile

Graduates will have solid scientific skills combined with knowledge in art history, archaeology, and architecture; they will be able to make diagnosis on cultural heritage materials, to evaluate degradation processes, and to assess suitable technologies and materials for conservation and restoration. This skills will allow them to work in Universities, Research Centers, laboratories in Cultural Heritage Departments, in Restoration Institutes and companies, as well as freelance professionals and consultants. Graduates could work in organizations involved in the management and preservation of cultural heritage, in local authorities, and institutions like cultural heritage departments, museums, libraries, archives. At present there are no specific references for these professional activities in ISTAT 2001 professional classification since degree courses defining such professional profiles was born in that time, making them not be considered. Local authorities that set up a system of professional skills after 2001 (e.g. Regione Toscana, insert new professional profiles associated with this training program (e.g. diagnostician, cultural heritage laboratory technician, etc.)

last update: 18-May-2020
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